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Sunil Mantri, CMD of Mantri Realty Ltd., moved away from the family textile business in 1986 to begin his career in real estate industry.

Indian Wedding Invitation Design: Creating Memories Forever!

An Indian wedding is a turning point to a woman’s life. Special wedding garments are often worn and the ceremony is sometimes followed the reception.

Exhilarate Your Joy Through Indian Wedding Cards

Wedding is a ceremony in which you step into an important phase of your life. Marriages play an important role in your time and the life you share with your special person is going to be very beautiful and fruitful.

Popular Indian Wedding Cards Designs Available Online

Your wedding day is one among the biggest and most special days of your life, so you would desire everything to be precise and perfect.

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The chemical compound called WS2 is a very rare mineral. It is a natural mineral available on earth and also known as tungstenite. Tungsten, when combined with other elements can be used in many purposes.

Get The Best Indian Wedding Cards At Very Inexpensive Prices!
Something about Indian weddings are very exciting and intriguing. The people that conduct and attend the wedding are full of high spirits and are ready to give the bride and groom.

Online Shopping: Revolutionising the Way We Shop
Internet has revolutionised many aspects of our lives in innumerable ways. Today a large part of the population uses the internet.

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A spyware that is being used widely in modern times for various purposes ranging from business to household security is the spy cam. This hidden camera is basically a form of micro DVR that is designed in a form to give it a deceptive look.

Give Your Wedding a Magical Touch With Designer  Punjabi Wedding Cards!
No one will be able to compare the grand celebrations of an Indian wedding. An Indian wedding consists of the bride and the groom and it at the same time it also consist of the entire clan.

The Availability Of Quality Indian Wedding Invitations!
The wedding card is a formal declaration of the auspicious event that is going to take place in near future. The wedding is much more important for a social life and hence.

Vintage Photographs of India – Black And White Classic Photos

Photographs are considered to be one of the most famous and widely practised fine art in the world. Photographs are clicked to capture the realities of culture, societies and struggle of human and animal life.

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The digital marketing involves a process in which understanding, planning and executing the strategic mix of the various techniques and tools to reach the growing audience over the internet.

The New Business Trend - Server On Rent

A lot of changes have happened in the technology sector and with the advanced technology things have been much simplified and the tasks are being completed at the click of a button.

Enthrall Your Guests With Elegantly Designed Hindu Wedding Invitations
Getting married is one of the most beautiful moments that every person awaits in his/her life. This once-in-a-lifetime event is memorable and hence people do a lot of preparations beforehand.

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Words which you speak build your image in front of everyone. The correct use of words with precise efforts melts the heart of even stubborn guy. This is very important in the modern world where language commands one’s character and views.

Steps In Creating An E Video Wedding Invitation
Wedding invitation serves as a necessary medium to invite your friend, colleague and family members to a wedding. Previously people used to hand over the paper wedding invitation.